DMV Pre-Licensing Course

Next Class: Saturday, September 29 @ 9 am

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We are dedicated to providing the best Dealer Education and Consulting Services.  All lessons are created by an experienced Dealer with a background in education.

DMV Pre-Licensing Course

$120 includes

  • Dealer Handbook
  • Digital Study Quizzes
  • In Class Practice Exam
  • DMV Certificate of Completion (OL 256A)
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Redline continung educaiton

DMV Continuing Education For Licensed Dealers

$45 includes

  • Online study material
  • Online Exam
  • DMV Certificate of Completion
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Continuing Education Online Course (For Licensed Dealers Only)

Upon verification of payment you will receive an email confirmation and link to start the online course. Please contact us directly if you need your DMV certificate sent out for overnight delivery.