Attention Dealers! Read This to See Updated DMV Report of Sale Procedures.

temporary license plate

California Assembly Bill (AB) 516 mandates a new electronic issuance process and new temporary permits for use by California used/new car dealers to issue Reports of Sale and Temporary License Plates.
Effective January 1, 2019 the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires all dealers to use the system called Quick Tags provided by Fairfax Imaging to print reports of sale and temporary license plates.
At the time of sale, all dealers and lessor-retailers must print the Report of Sale (ROS) form which include (REG 51, REG 396, REG 397, REG 397A, and REG 398). The registration procedures that dealers currently follow will not change.**Dealers who submit paper report of sale forms will not be processed and will be returned to dealerships for electronic reports of sale**

  • The new temporary license plate will tie the Report of Sale and Temporary License Plate to a specific vehicle using special paper to be purchased from Fairfax Imaging, reducing the risk of theft and the identification issue to parking/toll authorities.
  • The new temporary license plate (TLP) is required to be mounted to the front and rear of the vehicle where a permanent license plate would be and the dealer must affix the plates with a license plate bracket.

California Temporary License plates for dealers

With this system, dealers will print out the Report of Sale forms using a local computer and printer. (Special paper is NOT required for ROS)
Reg 51 report of salereg 396 report of sale

How to Register

To register your dealership for the Quick Tags system send an email to and provide:

  • Dealership Name
  • Dealership License Number
  • Owner Name
  • Owner Email Address
  • Best Phone number to reach Owner

Once this information is received, the dealer will be provided with an e-mail informing of registration and access.

      • If I still have some traditional old wholesale ROS forms left. Can I still use it ?
        Sometimes I do not have access to a computer.

        • Traditional paper Reports Of Sale (ROS) whether retail or wholesale must be destroyed. A statement of facts must be filled out to explain how the dealer destroyed the documents in the event of an audit.

  • If I am a new wholesale dealer and will purchase an used vehicle to export to oversea buyers, and will not resale this vehicle in the US, do I need to fill out the new ROS online through QuickTags website or I just need to fill out Reg 262 and Reg 51 form and send to DVM?

    • Yes you still need to fill out a wholesale report of sale through QuickTags. You cannot generate a ROS whether is be a Reg 51 or Reg 396 by hand as of January 2019.

  • If someone has a 5 number dealer/dealership number does that mean he also has a salesperson license number?

    • Yes that is correct. When filling out the Report of Sale via QuickTags you can see that the platform gives you a code input in the area of “salesperson license”. Be sure to look in the home page of QuickTags upon login to see what the actual code is.

  • i got a car from the auction with my autobody repair license and sold to someone. he couldnt get it registered as dmv is asking him for a dealer report of sale form from me.
    how do i get it?

    • Hey Michael, did you buy this vehicle at a public auction? Please reach out directly at 507-339-4546 to discuss further.

      • I have the same issue only I am the guy the bought the car from the guy who lives in mexico now from the guy who lives in texas now that brought the car from public auction.
        That was almost 6 months ago who know how long this guy bought it from auction?

        • CA allows transactions from public auctions. Sounds like you just need to create a bill of sale (Reg 262) to create a chain of ownership. This Reg 262 along with the vehicle title (pink slip) will allow you to complete the deal with DMV. The Reg 262 you can obtain for free at your local DMV department.

      • Hi, was an former used car wholesale dealer, I kept a few cars tht are not registered. And want to give my son one of the cars. How do I go about it???

    • You can always make sure that the selling dealer & buying dealer both sign on the BACK of the vehicle title. The reg 396 is important BUT there will be no penalty for processing it late.

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