Noman A.


“I attended the class July 21 and Hector was amazing. He knew his stuff and answered my questions fully. Not only did he prepared me for the Dealer test which I passed on July 23 (37 /40), but he also provided insights on how to run a proper dealership.”

Narek M.


“I attended the DMV Pre Licensing class on June 16, 2018. Our instructor Hector was knowledgeable and provided great insight on how to obtain the used car dealer license and strategies on how to make money. I officially passed the DMV Occupational License exam as of July 6, 2018 it was thanks to Redline Dealer Education! Highly recommended to those who are pursuing a dealer license.”

David H.


“Awesome Class! Hector, the instructor has a wealth of knowledge on the dealer industry and his happy to share his insights…Would highly recommend to anyone interested in obtaining a dealer’s license.”

Amer A.


“I attended recently at his class , I believe that Mr. Hector is a professional instructor, he knows what he doing, clean class room, he give a chance to ask what ever it comes into your mind about the cars dealership business…”