3 Simple Steps on Buying Cars at Dealer Auctions

two vehicles

Have you recently obtained your California used car dealer license and need assistance on how to properly value a vehicle? The process is simple though can prove costly for car dealers that don’t perform their due diligence.

Most auctions now provide a detailed vehicle condition report but there are other factors that may increase or decrease the value, here are 3 simple actions to avoid overpaying at dealer auctions.

Step 1

Run the vehicle history report. There are many platforms to choose from, Carfax and Autocheck by Experian are among the most popular. Dealers should look for any red flags such as branded titles, excessive vehicle ownership, odometer inconsistencies, non existent maintenance records, and open recalls.

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System history report (NMVTIS)
vehicle history report assembly bill 1215

Step 2

Use the DMV registration fee calculator to access the vehicle registration dues. A dealer may have a difficult time selling the vehicle if DMV registration fees have risen drastically due to unpaid penalty fees.

Registration fee calculator for California vehicles
DMV Registration Fee Calculator

Step 3

Subscribe to a vehicle valuation platform. You can do this through various valuation companies such as Kelley Blue Book, NADA, and Blackbook. This will be a dealers final step to accurately discern the maximum bid price for a vehicle. These platforms show retail, private party, auction and trade in values.

Kelley Blue Book Quick Values Valuation
KBB Valuation Software

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