Attend Car Auctions Without A License

Going directly to a used car dealer is an acceptable solution, no doubt. But some future buyers want the same resources used by dealers for obtaining their personal vehicle at a bargain price. Can you attend public car auctions without a used car dealer license?

Continue reading and we will give you some tips on how to attend auto auctions without a dealership license and thus, purchase vehicles at the same cost as them.

Join The Automotive Community in Your Area

Our first advice is to join the awesome automotive community. Engage with people in the area where you live, build a network, meet people related to the industry, attend to events, subscribe to relevant newsletters. Regardless of whether you are considering making a living selling car or simply want to save money on your next purchase, having contacts will always give you a valuable advantage.

Take Advantage of Used Car Market Competition in California

If you live in ‘The Golden State’ then you should be aware of the ferocious competition in the used car business. Truth is, that situation can actually benefit you. Did you know that California is one of the states where more public auctions are held? That’s right, public car auctions, where no license is required and individuals are eligible to bid.

In addition to staying informed through to your relationships in the local automotive community, you can go online and find literally dozens of public auctions to attend. Just search for ‘public car auctions near me’ or, if have a special interest in a particular city, Google ‘public car auction in Los Angeles’ or any other city of your choice.

Go Beyond The Average Car Buyer, Be Open To Other Sources

We will insist on the importance of nurturing relationships in the automotive sector since it can open you the door to additional opportunities. You can find awesome deals on tow auctions and police impound car auctions to cite a few. Certain insurance companies also hold public auctions. These auctions, despite the fact of being public, tend to have less promotion and therefore offer less competition. You can find many of these auctions online, but the best ones are usually restricted to a select group of people within the local automotive community, hence the value of having good connections as mentioned earlier.

Online Car Auctions

There is no doubt that you can find used & salvage car deals online. Affordable opportunities may be waiting for you on the web. However, opposed to other options mentioned in this article, when attending online car auctions such as Copart you may face huge competition from other individuals and dealers looking for a good deal. Nevertheless, if you don’t have the time to participate in conventional car auctions this is a great way to purchase a used car without a dealer license. Just a word of caution. Be careful with auction sites. We strongly suggest researching their reputation to avoid scams.

Use An Auto Broker

Last but not least, you can always benefit from the expertise of auto brokers. A broker can work on your behalf and find a good vehicle for you at a discounted price. This might not be the optimal solution for people looking to make a profit but is completely viable for customers who want to save on personal car transactions.


Buying a vehicle at an auction can be fun. Attending a car auction without a dealer license, especially in California, is completely possible to find the right personal vehicle-all you need is good social skills, discipline, and patience.

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