Dealer Safety Equipment List

The following are among the safety items a dealer must check and make operational before a CA used car dealer sells a vehicle:

➢ Brakes: Must work, including parking brake and be tested as per [V.C §26450-26451].
○ Condition of brakes: V.C. §26453 states that all brakes and component parts shall
be maintained in good condition and in good working order.

○ [V.C §26454] Every motor vehicle shall, upon application of the service
brake, be capable of stopping from an initial speed of 20 MPH according to the
following requirements:

Bumpers, front and rear [V.C. §28071]

Horn [V.C. §27000]

Muffler [V.C. §27150]

Tires [V.C. §27465] requires the following amount of tire tread for all vehicles sold at
○ (1) One 1/32 of an inch tread depth in any two adjacent grooves at any location of
the tire, except:
■ (2) 4/32 of an inch tread depth at all points in all major grooves on a tire
on the steering axle of any motor vehicles specified in §34500, and 2/32 of
an inch tread depth at all points in all major grooves on all other tires on
the axles of these vehicles.
○ (3) 6/32 of an inch tread depth at all points in all major grooves on snow tires
used in lieu of tire traction devices in posted traction device control areas. The
measurement of trade depth shall not be made where tie bars, humps, or fillets are

Windshields [V.C. §26700 and 26710]
○ No dangerous cracks

Wipers [V.C. §26706 and 26707]

Seatbelts [V.C. §27314 and 27314.5]

Smog [V.C. §27156]

Rearview mirrors [V.C. §26709]
○ Center, left and right mirrors if obstructed

Airbags [V.C. §27317]
○ Any person who installs or re-installs for compensation, or who distributes or
sells any previously deployed air bag that is part of an inflatable restraint system,
if the person knows that the airbag has been previously deployed, is guilty of a
misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $500 or by confinement in the county jail
for one year or both.

Lights (all) [V.C. §24250 et. seq.]

Division 12 Safety Equipment Cannot Be Waived
[V.C. §24007]. A dealer must not sell a vehicle that has a safety defect unless sold as scrap. Even
if the buyer knows about the defect and is willing to a sing a document stating they would take
responsibility. You cannot transfer your responsibility to the buyer, signing a document trying to
make the buyer responsible only proves guilt that a dangerous vehicle was sold.

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