Processing a Report Of Sale For Auto Registration

Report of Sale. Auto Registration.

California used car retail dealers have multiple options for processing reports of sale for their customers. Here are all the choices available for retail dealers when they obtain auto registration credentials for their customers.

Use a DMV Registration Service Provider

For a nominal fee, used car dealers always have the option to utilize a DMV service provider such as Redline Registration Services for processing their reports of sale. These types of providers are consider Second Line Business Partners and have access to the DMV platform to perform on the spot registrations, , stickers, license plates, VIN verification’s and more for their customers without having to wait.

Checklist for auto registration processing

In-House Processing

Dealers also have the option to process documents themselves through DMV, here is a breakdown of what is required to complete the registration process for a customer after purchasing a vehicle.

  1. Complete and print a Retail Report of Sale (Reg 51) through Fairfax Imaging-Quick Tags. Both dealer and customer must sign report of sale.
  2. Fill out a Vehicle Transfer/Reassignment form (Reg 262). This form must be original and obtained from your local DMV center or Industry Business Center.
  3. Ensure the vehicle title is filled out correctly by having the prior registered owner, new owner, dealer and lien holder (if any) sign.
  4. Submit a check from your dealer business account to pay DMV registration fees on behalf of your customer. Registration fees can be calculated using the DMV Registration Calculator.
  5. Fill out and submit a Transmittal of Registration Applications (FO 247). This form may be downloaded from the DMV website search bar.
  6. The dealer can make an appointment, drop in or mail completed documents to a DMV Industry Business Center. All reports of sales must be sent to DMV within 30 days of sale to avoid administrative service fees.

Both options are viable and any retail used car dealer has the flexibility to choose which option is best for their business needs.


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